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Everything that was important to me in my life and which also still occurred to me then in addition.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Okay, das seltsam aussehen, aber ich finde es zu kühlen, wenn ich sehe, Jungs, die ein Baby, und ihre Tätowierungen. Ich mag auf anothers Körper sie zu sehen, aber ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, mich da eingefärbt. Ich hasse Nadeln und Schmerzen.

kann ich diese auf meinem Zukunft?  es ist in Ordnung auch ohne die tats
Meine Mutter erzählte mir, dass Tätowierungen sind schlecht und ich sollte nie eins zu bekommen. Im Gegensatz zu meinen Brüdern, sie sind bereits mit Tinte-man ist auf die Schulter und der andere ist auf den Beinen.

eine Krebs-Charity-Fahrt

Zurück am 29. Juli 2011 fuhr ich 222 Meilen in einem Zeitraum von 24 Stunden. Es war für eine Krebs-Charity-Fahrt. Eines der schwierigsten (und die meisten erfüllend) Dinge, die ich je in meinem Leben gemacht habe. Es war fantastisch. Um diesen Anlass zu feiern, ich bekam eine Tätowierung, so kann ich immer daran denken, dass Schildkröte tattoo.
Da sitze hier bei 145 aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen des Reitens, schaute ich auf meine rechte Wade und sah meine Tätowierung.
Ich habe zu denken ... "Warum nicht für die 222 geraden Tagen des Reitens zu schießen?" Würde es leicht zu merken, nicht wahr?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, June 17, 2007

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iButterfly Green MP3/Mp4 Player 2Gb

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ellis diary 5, Spaghetti 5

Holger noticed, how Elli took the speed out. Thus he ate good the noodles, which she löffelte him to the rear. When only few were in the plate, it seized two and hung themselves it to their nipples, which stood far forward. Elli found that merry and to main header the chest on, so that the noodles did not slip down. But they did then nevertheless and landed in their lap. She felt, how its hand looked for it. But then rather their bead found and these slowly and carefully circled. Holgers fingers were still full sauce, then the contact was damp and tender. Elli took a large sip wine and bent the head to the rear, in order to deliver Holger directly somewhat of it. They kissed themselves so long, until the wine taste had disappeared. In the meantime it had increased the pressure on its bead, which increases speed of the circles. Again their breath went fast. Occasionally it stopped air, stretched all muscles. And then it came a second time. Again of a hot wave by the whole body accompanies. Again with only easy groaning announced. It gnawed at its lower lip and forced themselves, its now very firm
To bear circles on their bead so long as only possible. Long it was beyond the point. Long the nerves had exploded and schrien after peace. But it struggled itself still another round and still and still one. Then finally it fell forward with the face on the desk top, pushed its hand away and asked it not to move.

She did not know, how long they sat in such a way. You seemed it like an eternity, reliably were it only to a few few minutes, perhaps only seconds. Holger did not do nothing at all. It had put and wuschelte its head on its backs in its hair. Finally she rose carefully and made sure that the condom did not down-go also: “In the bed would be now also blöde.”
, Said Holger “is correct” and turned it with the back to itself. Elli understood, spread the legs easily, pushed plates and glass away, leaned forward and put the torso on the table. Holger drove with two fingers into its damp, far stretched desire hole. Elli aspirated deeply air and said only: “Mach!”
Thus Holger pushed its tail afterwards. It pushed so deeply into it inside, as it only went, pressed hard with its basin against its Po-cheeks. One moment stayed it in such a way.
“Slow or fast?” he asked.
“Slow. Gaaanz slowly.”
It made slow gaaanz. Put his hands on its back and decreased/went back with the basin. And again forward. Deeply into it inside, but this mark did not give it a break, it went back immediately again. And again inside and again back. It had had already two high points within short time, then their Möse was softly, far and wet. It exerted hardly pressure and in such a way knew it that it a long ride will became. She hoped it. And it should keep right. Only slowly Holger increased the speed, drove always the whole distance back and forth. It knew this feeling, this easy rubbing. Not very intensively, but it depended always also on which took place in the head. And that was pure Sex. Holger had not hosed down yet and Elli asked themselves, how long it would probably last. For a long time, much are enough. Holger continued simply. And it increased its speed only slowly, very slowly. But nothing at its breath or his movement pointed on the fact that he came to an end. With it the feeling increased slowly, but then it stopped at one time. That becomes nothing with the third time, thought it. She had felt it before too intensively. It had wanted too much to out-cost it. The rächte itself now. Perhaps she should stroke herself additionally at the bead. But in the position it did not come there eh 'ran. Perhaps the chests…? As if Holger would have suspected, what thought her, it bent itself forward and pushed its hands under its bosoms.

“Celebration! ”, it said so loud that it frightened. And then it seized with the hands on the left and on the right to the table edge and supported themselves so far came up, so that it could access well. He massed it forward from the beginning to the nipples. Only with the thumb, and then with the palm afterwards. A beautiful feeling, thought Elli and enjoyed, how it continued to increase slowly the speed in their Möse.
“Firm”, said it again and made sure carefully that it became not too loud. Holger understood and accessed. He dug its nails into their meat, took finally their nipples again between thumbs and index fingers and rubbelte so firmly he could. And it increased again the speed and the intensity. Deeply it pushed now into it inside, pushed by all force to a complete stop. Their Po-cheeks applauded with each impact. Their basin was pressed against the desk top. Elli felt that head, chests and abdomen one became. They were connected and wanted that it never stops. That it continues to push ever, ever faster, ever more violently. It pressed its face on the desk top, their breath went hectically. Again she tried it, by stopping air. But in addition it would have had itself to concentrate. No chance, it had lost everyone over it control. It closed the eyes
and thought of nothing more.

Also the breath of Holger became louder, faster. It had stopped, their nipples too zwirbeln, squeezed however the chests nearly brutally together. Muck, does pain, thought Elli, but it did not say anything. And Holger increased the pressure on its bosoms further and pushed now still faster too. The table schrabbte over the soil. The glass fell on the soil and shattered into thousand pieces. Shit, the thing cost over 40 Marks! Elli became uncertain one moment. She did not come herself any longer, there was safe her. It should rather stop, but that would not please it surely. Perhaps, if it makes it for it with the mouth? There it would have surely nothing against it.

Elli pressed the torso on the desk top over in such a way to find little discharge for their bosom and pressed together the Hinterbacken. That diverted something. And it hoped to accelerate thereby its outlet little. It had to nevertheless now hose down times. And in the moment it came to the third time. Fast actually, without preliminary warning. Straight one had still thought it, goes it no longer. Was diverted from the pain at Hüftknochen and chests, of Scharren of the table-legs and the broken glass. And now again a wave of the desire rests by its body.
She felt, how their entrails burned. Their Möse pulled together, seized like a hand after the stake, which constantly rammed into her inside. Grasp firmly too and released again to only access in order immediately again. Elli vibrated itself at the whole body as if would be you ice cold. And then it felt suddenly, how Holger fell heavily on it. The hands still at the chests, but the pressure was away. Only the pain had seized and continued to gnaw. Its tail twitched it in it, could it clearly feel. Again, again, again. Then was peace.

Some seconds were appropriate it so there, for Elli between desk top and Holgers body gotten jammed. She got slowly cramps in the thighs.
“Leaving me times raus”, said it, “I can to no more.”
Holger rose carefully and Elli reached for the condom. Reliably, thought it is safe. When it took the condom off, its tail twitched again easy and set a last splash on the soil. Both laughed and went carefully, so that they did not step into a glass fragment, into the bath.

Thursday, briefly after eight. It rang to storm. I believe `it not, thought Elli, when it looked by the spyhole. Holger stood outside, without registration, but bepackt fully with bags. It opened, and now Holger had to laugh in such a way that the bag with the ham fell on the soil. Elli stood before it, naked, wet, only in-wound into a bath-towel. Holger packed Risottoreis, Zucchini and ham on the kitchen file and the Soave into the refrigerator. Carefully it wound the Rosenthal Weinglas out. Then it got a pot, dünstete to garlic, bulb and rice on, poured wine to it and filled also the glass. Finally it undressed and sat down on the sill plate.

Ellis diary 5, Spaghetti 4

Elli agitated again sauce and noodles and jumped from the sill plate, in order to pull a fork out of the drawer. It did not consider Holger for the moment at all. Act, as if it would alone be in the kitchen. As it would have had evenly no Orgasmus. It pulled with the fork a few Spaghetti from the pot, threw it for cooling on the sill plate, tried and decided that the Pasta is finished.
“The hors-d'oeuvre was in any case much lecker”, said Holger, and licked themselves with the tongue over the lips.
“There I gladly still which would have had.”
“The hors-d'oeuvre is to energize also only the appetite, makes not full”, answered Elli laughing, while it after-peppered the sauce. “However if you want, know I afterwards still another small Zwischengang up tables.”

Elli remembered that she did not have so ever Sex. Clearly, in the kitchen it already made it. And also meal was now and then in the play. But spontaneously, and then still with a man, with that it “together” was not… gave it never. That was new. And that was beautiful.
It poured the steaming noodles into the filter, gave wine after and set the table. A large Pastateller, a spoon, a fork. Finished. Elli got still fast a few dte lights from the drawer and Holger put Mike Oldfield in on continuous repetition. Elli filled the noodles into the plate, poured the sauce over and scooped a spoon crabs on it.

“Lot, which becomes, said meal coldly” it impatiently, and Holger noticed that he wore still Jeans and T-Shirt. Fast it undressed. Its tail, which was gotten jammed the whole time, jumped like a feather/spring out of the trousers. Elli threw a view on it and pulled air through between the teeth, however nothing said. Holger knew, what thought her: Not too largely, in addition, not too small. The extent could be able to be seen. And that it was persistent, which it would prove it now.

But first the problem came. How does one sit down? And above all, where one sets itself? The folding chairs of IKEA did not seem it so suitably. Elli got another chair from the bedroom: an old, stable from wood with large seat face. Holger sat a little uncertainly there, the tail far forward stretched. Elli had to grinsen, reached into its handbag and took a condom out. Holger looked somewhat amusingly on it, however nothing said. Jerk, twitch had it the thing over his tail. Elli closes the back for it and bugsierte their Möse into the correct position. That could be done better, than it had thought. She felt its point at her hole, pressed with the fingers easily against it and could then carefully on its lap be sunk. The feeling was good, and it enjoyed it, how the tail penetrated completely slowly into it. It harnessed again the Po-cheeks and main headers and lowered the basin a few marks, before it finally sat on it. Holger breathed out heavily, finally had it its 52 Kilos to carry now. But it was not rather a sweet load and complained in such a way it.

Now thus this somewhat strange meal began. They were itself both over the fact in the clear one that they had to eat fast. So was now also again not comfortable. But first they enjoyed it. Elli felt the pressure and the tension in their Möse. It could steer pos the feeling with the easy harnessing of the thighs or. And it could shift simply the weight, in order to obtain a slow increase of their excitation. But the goal was actually the meal. And there it sat in front, began it now Holger to feed. It had put, rubbed its head from the rear on its shoulder its chin against it and reached for its chests. While Elli handed alternating Holger a spoon after noodles “in the back” and ate one, he stroked over its nipples. Fortunately the meal was only lukewarm, because now and then little sauce kleckerte on its thighs, if it fed Holger. And so a calm hand did not have it also, particularly since it began to mass their chests. But then the plate was empty and Elli rose simply. Holger looked only a little verdutzt, but Elli laughed him aufmunternd too.

“The meal is outstanding”, meant it, and it knew, what meant it. It retrieved a further plate with noodle and crabs, gave wine and sat down again carefully on its place. She felt that Holger became impatient. Its grasp around their chests became stronger, and again excited it. But only it wanted to bring the meal behind itself. She had found fun to it, completely now, to proceed completely slowly.

Ellis diary 5, Spaghetti 3

When Holger came from the bath, nearly the impact met him. It had dressed again completely after showering. Well, nearly. He had omitted socks, shoes and Pulli. But Elli was located naked in the kitchen, only in a small apron dressed, and cut bulb and Paprika.

“Wow”, stotterte Holger, when he stepped to the stove, “sees well out”. And it left open thereby which exactly it meant. Elli said nothing, packed the noodles in the cooking water, schmiss the bulbs into the pan, gave Paprika, spices and cream to it and agitated once. Holger watched. Less the cook activities, than rather what abandoned Elli of itself. Actually it stood on completely large women, starting from best more largely than it. Rather dryly as slim, but with large Titten. And blond and shaves. But that was evenly a dream, the reality stood here.
Elli against it was medium sized, something under 1,70. Nevertheless rather slim with rather small chests. However, he placed surprised firmly, was these larger, than he had introduced himself her in dressed condition. Very beautifully, very approximately. The nipples were dark, stood far forward - he would have accessed dearest immediately. But it still stood only there and looked. Elli smiled it too, and he knew that it was ok, to look at her in such a way. And that it was allowed to go further. He gave again wine after and handed it a glass. She drank a sip, agitated the sauce again and meant that it takes one while now, until the noodles through are.

“Then”, Holger said, “can we times to the first course dedicate itself.” It packed Elli at the hips, main header it high and set it on the work surface. Then it kniete on the soil, shifted apart themselves its legs upward and the apron. Elli had for a very long time, soft shame hair, was not shaved and Holger dipped into its Möse. Elli sat on the edge, with the hands to the rear had pushed away completely in front and strained it against hip. She breathed slowly and deeply, the eyes had closed and enjoyed it, how he licked at her lips. Completely slowly, left upward, right again downward. Finally it drove with the tongue between the lips and played at its bead. She felt, how she became damp. Not only of its spit. The whole blood drove it into the abdomen. It makes that good, thought it, and left it, without moving.

Holger drove with the tongue of far by Ellis Möse, fast, but without pressure. The stove hissed, the noodles cooked over. Without hecticness Elli took the cook spoon and agitated, while Holger sucked at its lips. Also the sauce agitated and bent themselves then forward, in order to place the stove somewhat smaller. It did not think that it will come now to the high point, but you did not make anything. Therefore it let it make simple, let its tongue further between the lips move and finally sought out its hands
their bosom. Completely carefully it zwirbelte their nipples between two fingers. So she liked that. Perhaps it could not do a little more firmly… however a that was so simple, particularly since it had again to the rear leaned, Holger thus far to seize upward had and therefore now and then a little with the equilibrium struggled.

Holger pulled apart now gently its lips and drove with the tongue more firmly over its bead. And then it went completely fast. Elli got automatically deeply air, groaned thereby completely quietly and felt, how it became it hot and coldly at the same time. It harnessed the thighs, without moving it, their Po-muscles hardened, it main header the basin still another little, in order to come to meet it, in order to feel still more pressure on the bead. It stopped air, the eyes still closed, muscles tensely. And then a wave shot by it through. It inhaled deeply, stopped again air and enjoyed it holding the high point for a long time. After a few seconds it nicked with the arms easily, breathed fast and flat and withdrew its Möse somewhat. Holger understood, drove only easily over the lips, and Elli felt, how the excitation abated. Finally it pushed its head back gently. Holger rose and gave her a kiss on the bosoms.